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Most decision-makers are facing constant information overload in a world where content is abundant. That is expensive time they will never get back, often yielding only mediocre results.

CASSANDRA searches through millions of signals across the internet to connect you to the people with proven track records which can deliver the insights and skills for your context.

So you can make better decisions and focus on what you can do best.

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Receive insights by vetted experts with track records in their respective fields and make better decisions instead of being overwhelmed by floods of content.

Do you focus on your unique abilities and do what you can do best? The world is your oyster and on-demand teams of highly-skilled and vetted analysts are ready to dig deep to move you forward.

Why go the journey alone? Pursuing truth and coping with increasing complexity is hard enough - we believe it is best done when shared.

Our Analyst and Expert Solutions

High quality research reports, white papers or even thought leadership articles.
Expert Call
Exchange ideas, get inspired and ask questions to people with hands-on experience.
Quick Insights
Survey a range of experts and receive insights to your pressing questions fast.
Let data be analysed, collected or cleaned up via the programming tools of your choice.
Hire Analyst
Get the right support for you and your team on an hourly basis, so you can focus on what you do best.
Get the right person for your workshop, conference or podcast.

How it works

Let us be part of your extended team, delivering projects and insights so you can focus on your unique abilities.


Determine engagement type and requirements

Whether you’ve done significant research or have a preliminary idea to test. Make your request to survey specialists, demand in-depth analysis or ask questions in a confidential 1:1 call.

Receive Preliminary Profiles

Experience the magic when right answers come your way

Within days, you’ll see profiles of professionals who possess relevant skills and insights. We are experts at finding expertise and believe in track records.

Select Analysts and Experts

You decide and move forward

You’ll review profiles and answers to your questions, which will include a summary of what they have done as well as how they intend to help you.

Speak and work with Top Professionals

Actions speak louder than words - getting the work done

Having scheduled a mutually convenient time to speak or determined the scope of work, it is now time to apply the skills and insights to your context.

Step 5

Feedback and Continuous Learning

Receive work and review

After your engagement, we’ll collaborate with you to determine if there are additional perspectives we should pursue.

Ready to unlock your focus?

What's included in the membership

Direct Access to engage with +500 vetted professionals

Unlimited FREE access to our proprietary technology

Post engagement requests and have professionals apply to you

Survey top analysts and validate your strategy and ideas

Ongoing support and suggestions who might be relevant for you

Monthly check-ins with your personal Account Manager

Membership to private Slack Community (coming soon)

Partner Discounts and Perks (coming soon)

500 credits per Month
Monthly Subscription - €500
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1750 credits per Quarter
Quarterly Subscription - €1500
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Save 15%
8000 credits per Year
Annual Subscription - €6000
Save 25%
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What kind of people get the most value out of using CASSANDRA?

Post help requests and have mentors apply to you

Ongoing support from admin with mentor suggestions

Weekly check-ins with our Accountability Coach

Membership to private Slack Community

Partner Discounts and Perks

Value your time and focus.
Invest in a network.